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People are the core of any succesful business. This is especially true for any business operating in the Services industry, such as Chartac. With its highly specialised team and experienced professionals, Chartac has established itself as the trusted choice in Administrative and Secretarial Services provision, catering for the provision of services relating to the Establishment and Administration of International Businesses all the way through to worldwide tax planning and asset protection structure advice . Chartac's team comprises of specialist professionals and administrative staff, bringing together the necessary expertise to ensure that the solutions provided by Chartac are suitably tailored to meet each Client's particular requirements, always providing a high level of personal attention and confidentiality.

Senior Management

  • Nicos Gavrielides

  • Theodoros Michael

  • Demitris Gabrielides


Non - Executive Directors

  • Iro Ioannou


  • Agatzi Frantzi

  • Panayiota Panayiotou

  • Maria Pilakouta

  • Lia Michaelidou Ioannou

  • Maria Ppasiou Tsiakka

  • Antonia Kyprianou

  • Kyriacos Kyriakides


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