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About Us

Our philosophy and core values


Chartac Management Services Limited is an Industry Leader in the field of Corporate Administration and Secretarial Services provision. The Company was founded in 1982, and has been offering its high quality services to International Business Clients and High Net Worth individuals ever since. 


Being one of the pioneers in the field of Corporate Administration and Secretarial Services provision in Cyprus, with a history of more than 30 years and an outstanding wealth of knowledge and experience, Chartac caters a vast and diverse client portfolio that spans across the five continents; Chartac is one of a handful of Cypriot companies which is duly regulated Administrative Service Providers licensed and supervised by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.


Whether advising individuals, owner-managed businesses, listed companies, or international entities, our goal is to achieve service excellence by striving constantly to anticipate clients' needs and providing practical, expert and timely professional solutions to the highest standards. 

Fee Policies

It is our promise to always quote competitive fees, without compromising on quality. We make it our top priority to always charge at the lowest reasonable level in relation to the work undertaken to meet our clients' requirements.


  • We do not charge for familiarisation and handover costs;


  • We do not charge for sundry telephone advice of up to 120 minutes duration in total per year. We encourage our clients to maintain regular contact with us throughout the year;


  • If additional work becomes necessary we will not proceed without consulting our client.


  • We are flexible in accommodating the billing procedures our client's desire.
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